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Osteoporosis Screening / Bone Density Scan

Concerned about osteoporosis? Norwalk Radiology & Mammography Center offers bone density scans which evaluate bone density in the spine and hips in just 15 minutes.

The bone density scan is the most complete evaluation of a person’s bone density status, requires little to no special preparation and is less expensive than other methods.

Osteoporosis is a silent, progressive disease that can have crippling effects on both women and men.

There are 44 million men (20%) and women (80%) in the United States with osteoporosis (low bone mineral density).

Reduced bone strength can lead to fractures resulting in the loss of mobility and independence. Osteoporosis is responsible for more than 1.5 million fractures, especially of the hip and spine.

The Bone Density scan will provide valuable information on your bone mineral density and will predict future fracture risk.

If the test shows you have osteoporosis (low bone mineral density) you can work with your doctor to take steps now to increase your bone strength and reduce your risk of fracture.

Medicare will pay for a bone density exam every 2 years however your physician may feel it is necessary to do it more often if you have certain risk factors or underlying medical disorders. We recommend that you verify your insurance coverage prior to your bone density exam.